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Purchasing Coordinator
Tabitha Barker
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Currently, SSISD participates in the following purchasing co-operatives: 

Purchases in these categories can only be made from vendors that submitted a Request for Proposal packet or vendors that are members of the purchasing co-operatives listed above. Categories include: 

Classroom and General Office Supplies
•    Art Supplies
•    Regular Teaching Aids/Supplies
•    Books
•    Office Supplies
•    Physical Education Supplies
•    Science/Lab Supplies
•    Music Supplies (not including band instruments)
•    Early Childhood Supplies

Athletic Supplies
•    Athletic/Trainer Supplies
•    Sports Supplies (Various Sports)
•    Uniforms
•    Sports Equipment
Classroom and General Office Equipment
•    Art Equipment
•    Audio Visual Equipment
•    Band Instruments
•    Computers/Hardware and Software
•    Office Equipment
•    Science Equipment
•    Playground Equipment
•    Physical Education Equipment
•    Furniture (Classroom/Library/Office) Maintenance Supplies/Equipment
•    Electrical Supplies/Parts
•    Ground Maintenance Supplies
•    HVAC Supplies/Parts
•    Lumber and Related Building Materials
•    Paint and Painting Supplies
•    Plumbing Supplies/Parts
•    Roofing Supplies
•    Maintenance Equipment
•    Custodial Supplies
•    Custodial Equipment
Transportation Supplies/Equipment
•    Automotive Supplies/Parts
•    Oils/Lubricants
•    Buses
•    Equipment
•    Storage Tanks
List of Services:
Printing (Forms, Brochures, Envelopes, etc.)
•    Forms
•    Flyers
•    Brochures
•    Envelopes
•    Large Print Jobs


Maintenance Supplies/Equipment

•   Electrical Supplies/Parts
•   Ground Maintenance Supplies
•   HVAC Supplies/Parts
•   Lumber and Related Building Materials
•   Paint and Painting Supplies
•   Plumbing Supplies/Parts

•   Roofing Supplies
•   Maintenance Equipment
•   Custodial Supplies
•   Custodial Equipment

Kitchen Equipment Parts & Repair


  • For bid packet requests to be emailed to you, please fill out our form. Questions and/or concerns, contact our Purchasing Coordinator. 
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