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Purchasing Coordinator
Tabitha Barker
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Currently, SSISD participates in the following purchasing co-operatives: 

Purchases in these categories can only be made from vendors that submitted a Request for Proposal packet or vendors that are members of the purchasing co-operatives listed above. Categories include: 

Classroom and General Office Supplies
•    Art Supplies
•    Regular Teaching Aids/Supplies
•    Books
•    Office Supplies
•    Physical Education Supplies
•    Science/Lab Supplies
•    Music Supplies (not including band instruments)
•    Early Childhood Supplies

Athletic Supplies
•    Athletic/Trainer Supplies
•    Sports Supplies (Various Sports)
•    Uniforms
•    Sports Equipment
Classroom and General Office Equipment
•    Art Equipment
•    Audio Visual Equipment
•    Band Instruments
•    Computers/Hardware and Software
•    Office Equipment
•    Science Equipment
•    Playground Equipment
•    Physical Education Equipment
•    Furniture (Classroom/Library/Office) Maintenance Supplies/Equipment
•    Electrical Supplies/Parts
•    Ground Maintenance Supplies
•    HVAC Supplies/Parts
•    Lumber and Related Building Materials
•    Paint and Painting Supplies
•    Plumbing Supplies/Parts
•    Roofing Supplies
•    Maintenance Equipment
•    Custodial Supplies
•    Custodial Equipment
Transportation Supplies/Equipment
•    Automotive Supplies/Parts
•    Oils/Lubricants
•    Buses
•    Equipment
•    Storage Tanks
List of Services:
Printing (Forms, Brochures, Envelopes, etc.)
•    Forms
•    Flyers
•    Brochures
•    Envelopes
•    Large Print Jobs


Maintenance Supplies/Equipment

•   Electrical Supplies/Parts
•   Ground Maintenance Supplies
•   HVAC Supplies/Parts
•   Lumber and Related Building Materials
•   Paint and Painting Supplies
•   Plumbing Supplies/Parts

•   Roofing Supplies
•   Maintenance Equipment
•   Custodial Supplies
•   Custodial Equipment

Kitchen Equipment Parts & Repair


  • For bid packet requests to be email to you, please fill out our form. Questions and/or concerns contact our Purchasing Coordinator. 
    Vendor Name Enter your company's name
    Contact Name Enter representative's or contact's name
    Email: Please enter the email you would like to receive Bid Information
    Confirm Email:
    Interlocal or Purchasing Co-operatives Please note if your company actively participates in any Purchasing Co-operatives.
    Comments Please note any important or necessary information

Our Mission

The mission of the Sulphur Springs Independent School District is to provide students with the skills that will prepare them to adapt and excel in a fast-changing world, enabling them to lead productive lives. The district shares with parents and the community the responsibility of promoting high standards and expectations as we provide opportunities for all students within our diverse community to attain personal growth and to become lifelong learners.


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