1. Student Impact

The 2024 bond will improve learning spaces for more than 2,100 students in PreK-5th grade, which is about half of the SSISD student enrollment.  

2. Research-backed Grade Reconfiguration

This proposal creates K-5 elementary schools, which research shows is better for young students by eliminating multiple school transitions. 

3. Modernized Facilities

New schools and the K-5 configuration would allow SSISD to replace schools that are now 58, 65 and 70 years old.

4. Minimal Tax Increase

The maximum impact of the 2024 bond is ¼ of a penny to the tax rate, which equates to $1.47 annually for the average home value in SSISD. 

5. First Step in Long-Range Planning

The 2024 bond is focused on oldest campuses and youngest students. Future bonds could address the middle school and high school.  

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