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Participation in Athletics
For your child to be eligible for participation in UIL athletic related events they must fill out paperwork every year. All forms must be completed, signed, and turned in to the athletic trainer. Athletes entering the 7th, 9th, and 11th grade must have a new physical. However, if any athletes entering grades 8th, 10th, or 12th answer yes to any questions 1-6 on the medical history form then they will have to get a new physical.
Forms are handed out every April for the upcoming year and at the beginning of a new school year. Forms can be downloaded on the website. Click on the Forms link. Click on the download button.  Forms are also available in the Front office and the Athletic Training Room.
Athletes are not allowed to participate until all paperwork is completed, signed, and turned in to the Athletic Trainer.

Please note: Forms must be current and up to date. Old forms will not be accepted. The Physical must be on the current UIL form.

Doctor Release
All UIL/School Sponsored injuries must be reported to the Athletic Trainer before going to the Doctor. If the Athletic Trainer is not on site then the Athletic Trainer must be notified as soon as possible. An injury can be defined as one in which caused a student to miss a workout or game. If the athlete is under the care of a physician they must bring a note stating any restrictions to the Athletic Trainer and they must bring a written release when released from the Doctor’s care. Please understand that the athlete will not be allowed to participate without the written release from the Doctor.
The athlete must notify the Athletic Trainer of any injuries (school related or not)and give the Athletic Trainer a written note from the Doctor.
Rehabilitation Times M-F 7:30am until School starts and after school
It is the athletes responsibility to schedule and to come in for treatments on a regular basis until released. If the athlete does not come in for treatment it is assumed that they are no longer injured and able to fully participate in athletic workouts or competitions. Treatment times are in the morning before school, lunchtime (arranged in advance), or after school (not to conflict with any in season sports or academic activities). If there is a conflict with scheduled treatment times then the athlete must notify the Athletic Trainer and make other arrangements.
Contact Information
Tammy Carrell MS, ATC, LAT       Brad Abell MEd, ATC, LAT     Natalie Martino MS, ATC, LAT
Head Athletic Trainer                   Athletic Trainer                      Athletic Trainer
903-885-2158 x2290                  903-885-2158 x2290              903-885-7741 x3390
903-243-0746                              babell@ssisd.net                   nmartionl@ssisd.net
UIL Parent Information Manual
Tammy Carrell, SSISD Trainer
(903) 885-2158 ext 2290

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