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Distance Learning For Teachers and Staff

** PLEASE NOTE  - the pages associated with the distance learning program are being updated often  

Technical support for teachers

  • Please put issues in Eduphoria HelpDesk for all teacher issues
  • Teachers will need to address Student and Family questions, resolving them as you can.  When you are unable to answer the question yourself, submit an Eduphoria HelpDesk ticket on behalf of the student.  
  • Remember emails easily get lost, but 17 people from the Tech and Curriculum departments can see your ticket if you put it in Eduphoria, enhancing the possibility that someone can address your needs sooner than the person you might email.

Zoom Live Trainings

Thursday, April 30th - 3:00 - 4:00 PM - Connect, Collect, Curate, and Create - Part 1 - Register here in Edphoria for full description, link, and meeting password
Tuesday, May 5th - 3:00 - 4:00 PM - Connect, Collect, Curate, and Create - Part 2  Register here in Edphoria for full description, link and meeting password

Recorded Video Trainings

SeeSaw for Elementary and Teams for Secondary
SeeSaw Icon
Microsoft Teams icon

Past Webinars

Access to recorded webinars is available by signing up in Eduphoria at the links below.  The recorded video link can be found within the Notes and Attachments area in each course.

Good For All Levels

A Closer Look At Microsoft Forms - Eduphoria Link

Flipgrid for Virtual Class Discussions - Eduphoria Link

Simple and Quick Video Creation for Teachers - Eduphoria Link

Digital Chef - Distance Learning - Eduphoria Link

Connect, Collect, Curate, and Create Part 1 - Eduphoria Link

Good For Elementary Teachers

App Smashing with Seesaw - Eduphoria Link

Beyond Basics Seesaw - Eduphoria Link

Build-A-Board Virtual Workshop - Eduphoria Link

Digital Tools to Make Math VisualEduphoria Link

Seesaw Tips and Tricks for Remote Learning - Eduphoria Link

Good For Secondary Teachers

Diving Deeper into Microsoft Teams - Eduphoria Link

Best Practices and Expectations for Zoom Meetings Involving Students

Documents For Use (click the underlined link for document access))

Video Conference with Zoom Best Practices (click ... menu in upper right corner of the document page, and then download if you want your own copy)

Video Conferencing for Elementary Parents (Click ... menu in upper right corner of the document page, and then download to save your own copy)

Spanish Version - Video Conferencing for Elementary Parents (Click ... menu in upper right corner of the document page, and then download to save your own copy)

Video Conferencing for Secondary Parents (Click ... menu in upper right corner of the document page, and then download to save your own copy)

Excel Template for Teachers to Use To Report Parent Permission for Zoom Meetings - (Elementary Teachers please submit a copy of this to John Bimmerle via email no later than Monday, April 13th - To edit this document, click File, Save As, then download and a copy will be available that you can edit and email back to John) (Secondary Teachers please report any parent opt out information to your Principal)

Overview of Zoom Best Practices for Teachers
How to download and/or work with the files linked to the left

Other Tools 

Teams and SeeSaw have their own pages and are linked above.  

A few thoughts about the next week with Distance Learning beginnings.
Download a Class Set of Clever Badges

Virtual Meetings

Teachers and staff members may use any of the following services for conducting virtual meetings.  Be sure to use the method that is most familiar for the majority of the teachers in your team.  

Options include:

  • *** Microsoft Teams - Pro's - If you your PLC team already has a Microsoft Teams space built, starting a call is a click away. Best option if all meeting participants are part of SSISD.  Con's - If you need to meet with someone outside the district this option is not as easy as other choices.
  • *** Zoom - Pro's - easy to connect with anyone.  If you need to meet with someone outside SSISD, this may be your best choice.  Con's - Limited to 40 minute meeting times.  The free account has a maximum of 100 participants (shouldn't be a problem for most uses).  Paid product is available, but most should be able to get away with staying with the free account.  (Note: until June, teacher accounts made with a email address will have the 40 minute limit lifted)
  • Facetime Pro's - easy to use if all team members have Apple devices.  Most people already know how to use it.  Con's - sharing screens and content you have on your device is not available.
  • Skype - (Personal Consumer accounts) - Pro's - Like Google Hangouts, Skype has been around a long time and the free version allows for simple video calling.  Con's - Personal accounts are needed, but you can create an account in Skype using your school account.  
  • Google Hangouts - Pro's - If both parties have a Google account this is another simple to use video tool.  Con's - lack of Google account's within the district make this choice require personal accounts, which we do not recommend using for school business.
*** Recommended virtual meeting tools - video support available below.
Using Teams to Make Virtual Calls
Using Zoom to Make Virtual Calls - Start a Meeting


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