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Sulphur Springs Independent School District

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Sulphur Springs ISD

Procedure for Canceling Remote Learning for Individual Students


  1. Rationale and Threshold


SSISD has several options available to help determine the appropriate learning environment for students, and when students struggle, a need for intervention and/or change in learning environment may be necessary.


A parent can request for a student to be moved to in-person learning, or a district can cancel remote learning for the student with the requirement to notify parents of the cancellation decision along with an outlined appeal process.


SSISD may cancel remote instruction for individual students who have a class average of below 70 (or the equivalent) in two or more classes.  Every decision for proposed cancellation of remote learning will be made to ensure equitable treatment for individual students.


  1. Procedure


    1. Identification of Students Meeting Cancellation Procedure Threshold


Campus administrators, in collaboration with teachers and other campus staff, will review students’ academic progress to determine those who may meet the threshold for canceling remote instruction.  To cancel remote instruction, the student must have a class average of below 70 (or equivalent) in two or more classes. 


Identification may occur at any point in the quarter or semester grading cycles, and will be made in the pursuit of the best interest of the student.  


    1. Pre-Decision Parent Meeting


Campus administrators will meet with parents/guardians to discuss their student’s needs and discuss the need to discontinue remote learning.


    1. Parent Notification of Decision


Campus administrators will notify parents in writing of a decision to cancel remote learning for a student.  The notice will be given two weeks prior to requiring the student to return to campus for in-person learning.


If SSISD does not conclude with the parent that the student can be successful learning from home (and the parent/guardian does not appeal), SSISD may require the student to transition to on-campus learning.





  1. Appeals


Parents may agree to change their student’s learning environment to on-campus, or they may appeal in one of two ways:


  1. Submit a medical exemption.The medical exemption form can be found on our website and may be submitted to the campus principal via personal delivery or e-mail.


  2. Request a transition meeting.If the parent requests a transition meeting, SSISD shall schedule the meeting with no less than three days of notice. Students will be allowed to continue to learn remotely until the meeting has been held.


The District will carefully consider either method of appeal within the two-week grace period before the cancellation of remote learning.  SSISD will allow students to continue to be served remotely if a medical certification is presented verifying a health issue of the student or individual within the household.

Our Mission

The mission of the Sulphur Springs Independent School District is to provide students with the skills that will prepare them to adapt and excel in a fast-changing world, enabling them to lead productive lives. The district shares with parents and the community the responsibility of promoting high standards and expectations as we provide opportunities for all students within our diverse community to attain personal growth and to become lifelong learners.


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