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Men's Athletics
Women's Athletics

2020 2021 Athletic Training Students

Front Row: Alasialeigh Delgado, Savannah Head, Rosa Alvarez, Lithzy Alvarez, Keylee Walden.

Back Row: Coach Carrell, Micah Cleveland, Lainey Young, Coach Works, Katie Henderson, Kate Burnett, Coach Garza. 

2019-2020 SSHS Athletic Training Students

Front Row: Savannah Head, Micah Cleveland, Bailee Burnett, Kate Mitchell, Lithzy Alvarez.

Biddle Row: Coach Carrell, Layla Gonzales, Makayla Grinnan, Abbe Keller.

Back Row: Coach McDermott, Marcos Garza

2018-2019 SSHS Athletic Training Students

Front row: Bailee Burnett, Kate Mitchel, Hannah Wilcox, Tatum Williams,

Back row: Janiya Gatlin, Brianna Hernandez, Marcos Garza, Cassie Ervin, Jacqueline Olivo, Jacquelyn Bocanegra,

2017-2018 SSHS Athletic Training Students

Front row: Kaylee Thomas, Jenifer Maldonado, Montana Hatley, Beverly Luna.

middle row: Jacqueline Olivo, Jacquelyn Bocanegra, Maci Swafford, Juan Ramirez, Paige Daniel, Tristan Swenson, Brianna Hernandez, Kimberly Wheatcraft, Diana Lopez.

Back Row: Marcos Garza, Tammy Carrell, Cassie Ervin

2016-2017 SSHS Athletic Training Students.

Lupita Nunez, Jenifer Maldonado, Kaylee Thomas, Beverly Luna, Elizabeth Yarbrough, Brianna Woodson, Brittany Bales.

Hayden Booth, Natalya Allen, Shatalya Smith, Mia Kelly, Catherine Lindsey, Montana Hatley, Rodolfo Perez.

Brad Abell, Natalie Martino


2015-2016 SSHS Athletic Training Students

Kaylee Thomas, Beverly Luna, Montana Hatley, Elizabeth Yarbrough, Cameron Horton,

Donovan Bettis, Brittany Bales, Danielle Petty, Johna Higginbotham, Emma Hall, Riley Finney.

Josh Neill, Maddie Pendergrass, Fo Perez, Drew Fisher, Alena Bledsoe, Brad Abell, Tammy Carrell

2014-2015 Sports banquet


2013-2014 Varsity Athletic Trainers
Abby McAfee, Drew Cross, Annie Barker Nellie Govea, Crusita Maldonado, Jonna Higgingbotham, Ashley Rodriguez
2013-2014 Freshmen Athletic Trainers
Front Row: Nikki Aranda, Duffey, Allison Bledsoe Back Row: Destiny Jones, Rodolfo Perez, Danielle Petty
Athletic Trainers 2012-2013 
Front row: Nellie Govea, Tiffany Reynolds, Ashley Rodriguez, Abby McAfee, Jonna Higginbotham, Brooke Keller, Crusita Maldonado Back row: Demi Willis, Darrien Parrish, Angelique Barker, Drew Cross, Andrea Vazquez.
Athletic Trainers 2011-2012 
Danesha Peoples, Keelie Wiser, Coach Carrell, Brooke Keller, Marissa Lane, Nellie Govea, Demi Willis, Abby McAfee, Andrea Vazquez
Athletic Trainers 2010-2011 
Athletic Trainers 2009-2010
Athletic Trainers 2008-2009
Athletic Trainers 2007-2008
Athletic Trainers 2006-2007

Our Mission

The mission of the Sulphur Springs Independent School District is to provide students with the skills that will prepare them to adapt and excel in a fast-changing world, enabling them to lead productive lives. The district shares with parents and the community the responsibility of promoting high standards and expectations as we provide opportunities for all students within our diverse community to attain personal growth and to become lifelong learners.


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